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Scout impressed Wizards haven't folded under Randy Wittman

While the Wizards are just 10-31, they've taken a lot of pride internally in not folding or coming apart at the seams during the losing. That has caught the eye of at least one opposing team's scout. Via ESPN's Marc Stein:

"But I have to give it up for the Wizards. When you start 0-14 or whatever it was and you get through that desert and you're still fighting, that's a great sign. That tells you they're still a team. The troops are still fighting and we're not talking about the most talented team. They've come a long way from when I saw them in the preseason."

The scout also said that it's too early to "make a comprehensive evaluation" on John Wall.

For what it's worth, only 10 of the Wizards' 31 losses are by double digits.