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John Wall says knee injury forced him to improve his diet

If there's one positive that comes away from John Wall's knee injury, it's that he was forced him to think a little harder about how he eats. Wall certainly was never unhealthy, but there have been a couple times since he career began where one could say his eating habits were a concern. There was a Washington Post video report that revealed all the unhealthy snacks in his pantry. There was also that time recently where photos made it look like Wall was, ahem, a little heavy.

But Wall now says he's learned from having to sit around and rest his injured knee. In an interview for the NBA's "Fit" program, Wall said his diet has changed since the injury.

Eating healthy has been the biggest challenge for me; I have had to focus more on my eating habits since my injury. I try very hard to eliminate sweets and fried food. I have added more vegetables to my diet, as well as baked food, like chicken and fish. On a typical day, I grab a healthy breakfast from our team chef, normally one waffle, turkey bacon, some grapes and a smoothie, for lunch, I may have plain rice and chicken, and then for dinner shrimp or steak, string beans and a baked potato.

Hopefully, Wall's improved diet helps accelerate his rise a a player.