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Randy Wittman not worried about Bradley Beal's wrist

Bradley Beal has not been the same player since hurting his wrist on a hard fall against the Denver Nuggets last Friday. In three games since, he's averaging nine points per game on just 39 percent shooting. Nevertheless, it appears that Beal will continue to play through the soreness, according to Randy Wittman.

Beal said Thursday that while he doesn't want to "use it as an excuse," the wrist was "really bothering me."

I can't speak to whether the team actually went to check the injury out, but if they haven't, I suggest they should. I understand the allure of actually having a fully healthy team, but the Wizards are 9-31 right now and are only playing for pride. There's no reason to rush a .500 finish if it means jeopardizing a player's health, especially one as vital to the team's future as Beal.

If it turns out the injury isn't anything serious, so be it, but Beal is going to want to fight through the pain unless someone stops him. I don't see the harm in at least getting an X-ray.