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Wizards are 23rd on Forbes' 'Most Valuable NBA franchises' list

I never know how accurate these Forbes lists are, but for what it's worth, the Wizards rank as the 23rd most valuable NBA franchise. Here's the explanation:

The Wizards have been the worst team in the NBA since the start of the 2008-09 season, winning only 27% of their games. Fans are hoping Ted Leonsis, who took majority control of the team in 2010, can engineer a similar turnaround to what he did with his Washington Capitals of the NHL. Fans are getting impatient as TV ratings dropped 22% last season and were third lowest in the NBA. In July, Leonsis took advantage of the amnesty clause in the new CBA to cut the disappointing Andray Blatche and remove his salary from the salary cap. Blatche will still receive the $23 million remaining on his contract through 2015.

The Kings, who are about to be sold, are 11th on this list. I wouldn't take this too seriously.