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VIDEO: Jordan Crawford's buzzer beater, in case you missed this

Watch Jordan Crawford sink the Blazers with this 30-foot buzzer beater.

Raise your hand, honestly: how many of you woke up your wife/husband/dog/roomate/floormate screaming after this Jordan Crawford buzzer beater? I somehow didn't (I screamed, nobody woke up), bI'm pretty sure I'm close to being the only one that can say that.

The play was actually really well designed by Randy Wittman. Crawford ran into the Wizards' two bigs and set a screen for Trevor Ariza, rubbing off LaMarcus Aldridge. In the ensuing confusion, Crawford's man, Wesley Matthews, switched onto Ariza, but Aldridge never switched out to Crawford. That split second allowed for a clean inbounds pass, and Crawford eventually shook Matthews to get himself free for the shot.

Here's a gif from WIZ SPURTIN.


Obviously, this was an incredible attempt by Crawford. Very few players in the league are capable of making the kind of shot he did. But don't forget to credit Randy Wittman for at least getting his guy semi-open with only 3.6 seconds left. That was a pretty good play.

(Note: we'll switch this video of the Blazers' announcers out for the DAGGER! call when that video surfaces). UPDATE: Now it's the CSN video.