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Trevor Booker wants Blake Griffin suspended

The Wizards' forward spoke out about an apparent elbow that Griffin delivered in the final minute of Washington's loss to the Clippers on Saturday night.


Trevor Booker has been outspoken about not liking Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin's style. There was one game in Verizon Center a couple years ago where Booker picked up several fouls trying to stop Griffin from posting up, and since then, he hasn't been shy about expressing his opinion.

Last night was no exception. Booker took exception to what he says was a Griffin elbow in the final minute and had to be held back from going at Griffin. Afterwards, Booker's anger hadn't gone away. Via Michael Lee:

"He should've got kicked out of the game for it," Booker said of Griffin. "Hopefully they go review it after the game and I'm looking for a suspension at least. I mean, he elbowed me to my face."

I honestly can't remember the play too much, but I do remember Booker wanting to go after Griffin. Given what Griffin did earlier in the game, I'm guessing most of you guys will support Booker's message.