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Links: What do the Wizards have to play for right now?

In today's links: the Wizards figure out what's left to play for this season, and rumors about a Bradley Beal/Rudy Gay trade offer surface.


Terror links:

  • The Wizards have dug too deep a hole to hope sniffing a playoff berth this season, but they sound determined to prove they're far from the NBA's worst team with Wall back in the mix. [Washington Post | Washington Examiner|Washington Times | CSN Washington | Truth About It | The Hook | King James Gospel]
  • According to one report out of Memphis that is almost certainly (and had better be) untrue, the Wizards might have offered up Bradley Beal for Rudy Gay. [Us | SB Nation | Memphis Commercial-Appeal | Wiz of Awes | CBS Sports |King James Gospel]
  • Editor's note: One reason that doesn't make any sense? It would require both teams being immensely stupid; the Wizards for even making the offer, and the Grizzlies for not immediately saying, "YES OMG YES!!!" Ted could make us all feel better by emphatically denying this on his blog...
  • Editor's Note II: Not to mention, Beal puns are ridiculously fun and easy. Gay puns are a bit more tricky.
  • Why would it be stupid for the Wizards to make that offer? Fans got a glimpse of why Saturday night, when the immense potential of a John Wall-Bradley Beal backcourt was finally on display. [Us | CBS Sports]
  • Michael Lee mentions Wall and Beal as the only untouchables in a trade for Gay, but he seems to be basing that more on common sense than reporting. [Wizards Insider]
  • The Wizards have a shot at a genuine winning streak tonight when they play the Magic. [ |CSN Washington | AP | Orlando Sentinel]
  • We've seen certain players find themselves in Randy Wittman's doghouse this season. Jan Vesely was there for a bit. Chris Singleton is there now. With Wall back, is Jordan Crawford next? [Washington Examiner]
  • Wittman has been really pleased with the Wizards' ball movement the last three games. For those who like to read between the lines, this could be related to the previous link. [CSN Washington]
  • Sounds like Trevor Ariza will be reinserted into the starting lineup once his regains his conditioning, but Martell Webster has done nothing to warrant being sent back to the bench. [Wizards Insider]
  • Kyle Weidie chronicles Wall's return to the court. [Truth About It]
  • More on Saturday's win over the Hawks. [Truth About It]
  • Roundup of Sunday's NBA games. [SB Nation]
  • If making a half-court shot would have won this guy $1,000, pretty sure this should have earned him $100,000. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Is there growing belief that LeBron James could be headed back to the Cavaliers in 2014? [Akron Beacon Journal]