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Links: When It Comes To Wizards Disappointments, You Can't Pick Just One

Wizards fans hate one of us. Can you guess who?
Wizards fans hate one of us. Can you guess who?

Hump day links:

  • As you may have noticed, the last 24 hours have been pretty busy here at BF. First things first: You can't call yourself a Wizards fan if you don't read every last word of Jake's epic, insane exchange with Wizznutzz on the franchise's biggest disappointments. Sheer, brilliant madness.
  • By comparison, how charmed must your franchise must be in order for it's biggest disappointment to be Morris Almond? [SLC Dunk]
  • Mike points to Tom Ziller's piece on the importance of three-pointers serves as further evidence that the Wiz should have focused more on adding more proficient long-range shooters.
  • The Wizards, as you are probably aware, were both tentative and bad from deep range last season. [SB Nation]
  • SB Nation's 3-on-3 tourney has begun.
  • In his Path to Playoffs series, BNIE doesn't see the Wizards beating out the Celtics for a playoff spot.
  • Thomas thinks Darius Songaila could still fill a role in the NBA.
  • James Singleton is headed back to China. [HoopsHype]
  • Sounds like the Wizards are still among five teams vying for Anthony Tolliver. [@christomasson]
  • Ben Standig believes Andray Blatche has another multi-year contract in his future. [CSN Washington]
  • Ted wants to know which reporters or bloggers predicted that the Nationals and Orioles would both be in first place in September. [Ted's Take]
  • Pretty cool article here on a D.C. prep legend's return to the hardwood following a 15-year prison term. [Washington Examiner]
  • Reggie Miller is about to be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. How does he stack up against the best shooting gaurds in league history? [The Point Forward | Yahoo! Sports]
  • Who are the top international prospects in the 2013 NBA Draft? [HoopsWorld]
  • The Rockets are set to install the largest indoor scoreboard in any U.S. arena. Any chance a few jump balls end up hitting it? [Ball Don't Lie]