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Links: Ted Leonsis sees John Wall's injury as 'speed bump' for Wizards star

In today's Washington Wizards links, team owner Ted Leonsis sees John Wall's knee injury as a "speed bump" along the road to a successful season for the third-year guard.

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Let's all take a deep breath links:

  • Ted views John Wall's injury as a "speed bump on the way to a great season to come by our leader." [Ted's Take]
  • Ernie Grunfeld is open to signing a free agent point guard to help out while Wall rehabs, but he's content with the players already on the roster. [Washington Examiner]
  • The Wizards do have options in free agency, but none are particularly appealing. Funny thing is, the most talented option might also be the one with zero chance to land in D.C. [CSN Washington]
  • It was debatable before's Wall's injury whether the Wizards were a playoff-caliber team, but there's little doubt that they should be better than last year's squad. [CSN Washington]
  • This Thunder blogger writes that the Wizards have the "potential" to hang with OKC. Uuhhhhhhh... [Thunderous Intentions]
  • Given the injury history of recent No. 1 overall picks, At The Hive suggests that Anthony Davis carry a rabbit's foot or find a four-leaf clover to help avoid the NBA's version of the Madden Curse.
  • No Wizards made this training camp watchlist. [SI]
  • Al Thornton has evidently signed with the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions of the Chinese Basketball Association. [Hoops Rumors | @SportandoBasket]
  • More eyebrows are being raised at the National Basketball Players Association after government filings revealed that executive director Billy Hunter received a 25 percent salary increase to $3 million the day the NBA lockout began. [SB Nation | USA Today | CBS Sports]
  • Eric Spoelstra is considering playing LeBron James at point forward on offense and power forward on defense. Why is he only considering that? [ESPN]
  • Good lord it's weird to see Ray Allen in a Heat jersey. [Heat Index]
  • Too weird for Kevin Garnett, who says he has no desire to talk to Allen now that he plays for the enemy. [Ball Don't Lie | ESPN]
  • Will Garnett and Paul Pierce ever be too old to lead a contending team? [SI]
  • Andre Iguodala talks about being traded to the Nuggets, his time with the Sixers and winning a gold medal. [ESPN]
  • Luol Deng is putting off surgery on his wrist until at least summer 2013. [Blog A Bull]
  • Good interview here with Jayson Williams about his time in prison and road to personal redemption. [ESPN]