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Links: It's Labor Day, So What Would You Like Us To Work On?

Hey man, it's Labor Day. Take a load off.
Hey man, it's Labor Day. Take a load off.

Labor Day links:

  • It was a slow news day yesterday, and things don't exactly speed up on Labor Day. So feel free to have an open discussion in the comments on, well, whatever. On this day of rest, let us know what you'd like to see from this blog when we all return to work tomorrow. With training camp only a couple weeks away, how excited are you for the season?
  • Amin wrapped up our week-long look back at the Michael Jordan era in D.C. by examining MJ's lasting impact on the Wizards' franchise. Here's links to the rest of the series in case you missed any of it. [Intro | Jordan a top 20 Bullet/Wizard? | Best moments | Stats | Jordan the executive | Jordan as a symbol | Worst moments]
  • Now that the series is complete, it's time for you guys to weigh in on Jordan's legacy here in D.C. What are you favorite/worst memories of Jordan as a Wizard, both player and executive? Can you still feel his influence on the current team, the Verizon Center, or even the city? How do you remember Jordan's time here, and ultimately, do you think it was worth it? Let us know.
  • Just because it's Labor Day doesn't mean there's no NBA news, just not much. In a NYT article, President Obama made a joke comparing himself to the Heat and Mitt Romney to Jeremy Lin, so there's that. [SB Nation | New York Times]
  • Former Wizard Darius Songaila would like to make an NBA comeback in order to be closer to his daughter. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Nets-signee Mirza Teletovic is laying waste to the competition during EuroBasket qualifying. [ProBasketballTalk]
  • Dwyane Wade loves David Hasselhoff because who doesn't? [Ball Don't Lie]