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Gilbert Arenas possibly headed to China, according to report

Gilbert Arenas is contemplating beginning the season in China, sources have told ESPN's Marc Stein.

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

While he is a few years removed from his best years as a Washington Wizard, Gilbert Arenas thinks he still has something left in the tank. Unfortunately for him, it doesn't seem like any NBA teams agree with him.

Undeterred, Arenas wants to keep his basketball legs fresh and is thinking of heading over to China to play. According to ESPN's Marc Stein:

Sources with knowledge of Arenas' thinking told that the former All-Star is giving strong consideration to starting the season in China.


The reality, though, is that Arenas -- who turned 30 in January -- knows he's unlikely to command more than a veteran minimum deal at this point after appearing in just 17 games with Memphis last season. So word is that Arenas, while still holding out hope that the Lakers or Clippers decide they need him, has began to assess his non-NBA options.

While many last season awaited the end of the lockout before stepping out onto the court, a fair number of players decided to take matters into their own hands and head to China to play ball until the season got underway. Some got out of their contracts when they heard the lockout was over; others (like Cartier Martin) played out the whole season in China and returned to the NBA in February and March. If Arenas isn't getting any love from NBA teams right now (despite Stein also reporting that he has been playing well in Lakers/Clippers open gym pickup games in L.A.), it seems like a good idea to head overseas to keep himself motivated and in-shape.

Best of luck to Agent Zero, where ever he ends up.