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Links: 'Old school' Randy Wittman wants to make some Wizards highlights

In today's Washington Wizards links, 'old school' Randy Wittman wants his team to make some highlights before they get a training camp slogan.

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TGIF links:

  • Randy Wittman thinks the Wizards need some highlights before they can have a training camp slogan. [Truth About It]
  • Wittman fancies himself an 'old school' coach, and promises not to reinvent the wheel with some new-fangled offensive or defensive scheme. Would you stop getting our hopes up, already? [CSN Washington]
  • I think it 's safe to say that Wittman is hoping he'll eclipse his career-best single-season winning percentage of 39 percent this year. [Wizards Insider]
  • Highlights from Wittman's presser on Wednesday. [Washington Examiner]
  • If you're into stirring prose and sis boom bah, Wittman's full presser might now be your cup of tea. But here it is, anyway. []
  • Bradley Beal doesn't exactly get amped during his media interviews either, but at least he cracks a sheepish smile now and again. []
  • Our projections for the 2012-13 season continue. [Okafor | Singleton | Martin | Mack]
  • Is Emeka Okafor the Wizards' "X-factor" this season? [Saving the Skyhook]
  • With Robert Griffin III making his star turn with the Redskins and the Nationals sporting the best record in baseball, there's plenty of D.C. sports buzz right now. But with the NHL locked out, the Wizards could be the only show in town once the NFL season ends. Can John Wall and Co. keep the spotlight on D.C.? [Washington Times]
  • Hey look, a comparison of Wall and Kyrie Irving that I can agree with. [Hardwood Houdini]
  • This week's Clipboard breaks down a play the Wizards used effectively at the end of a game last season to get a quick two points.
  • Mike breaks down BF's new layout options and wonders which you guys prefer.
  • #WizardsRank continues, and good gravy, Shaun Livingston made it into the top 15... [Livingston | Etan Thomas | Cartier Martin]
  • Wale is going to perform at the Wizards' open practice/season tip-off event Oct. 9 at George Mason University. []
  • Just how clairvoyant was Ted back in March 2011? [Wizards Extreme]
  • Jerry Stackhouse is pretty impressed with what he's seen from Andray Blatche in early workouts with the Nets. [NetsDaily]
  • The NBA is reportedly close to enacting a new a policy that will fine players for flopping. [SB Nation | Ball Don't Lie| Fansided]
  • The Knicks are interested in a bunch of veteran cast-offs, including Josh Howard. [ESPN New York]
  • What's this, Rajon Rondo talking a big game? Shocking. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • I didn't realize Jeff Green's contract with the Celtics was the 'most-discussed' of the offseason. [SI]
  • I suppose we should all try to start liking Dwight Howard again, because there is zero chance he's going away after his playing days are over. Good lord, can that man rock a vest or what? [Ball Don't Lie]
  • A max deal for James Harden would have the Thunder paying more than $100 million annually in payroll and luxury tax. [The Oklahoman]
  • Chris Paul thinks the Clippers' camaraderie will trump the Lakers' star-studdedness. We'll see. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • It's no David Bowie-officiated walk-off, but a Michael Jordan-Scottie Pippen dance-off comes in at a close second. [Ball Don't Lie]