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Links: Professional locker room has Ernie Grunfeld optimistic about Wizards' outlook for 2012-13

Washington Wizards general manager Ernie Grunfeld expects to see progress on the court this season after revamping the roster to reflect an organizational culture change.

Can you tell training camp is about to start? links:

  • Ernie Grunfeld spoke to the media yesterday, and while he isn't sure of whether he's assembled a playoff roster this season, he is confident that the team will at least display an increased professionalism. [Washington Post | Washington Times | Wizards Extreme | Full presser video]
  • Grunfeld also said that the Wizards will take it slow with Nene, who aggravated his plantar fasciitis while playing in the Olympics. [Us | Wizards Insider | Washington Examiner | CSN Washington | CBS Sports]
  • Grunfeld doesn't think John Wall's first two NBA seasons were all that shabby, but he expects the former No. 1 pick to show marked improvement in his third professional campaign. [CSN Washington]
  • It goes without saying that the Wizards will need big contributions from Wall and their other high draft picks in order to succeed this season. [Wizards Insider]
  • As would be expected, Wall appears to be getting more comfortable with his media interviews. He's also pleased that, for the first time, most of his teammates showed up in D.C. early to begin working out together. []
  • Speaking of which, here's a little video of the Wizards working out yesterday, featuring buckets from Bradley Beal, Chris Singleton and Trevor Booker, plus Jan Vesely temporarily losing his mind from the sideline following a made basket. []
  • It's a little more video of Jordan Crawford and Beal trading baskets during the workout. []
  • Ted agrees that the Wizards will basically need everything to succeed this season. [Ted's Take]
  • With training camp approaching, it;s time to establish our expectations for each Wizards player heading into the 2012-13 season. Here's our projections for Beal, Crawford, Booker and Nene.
  • Here's a few Wizards storylines heading into the season. [Wiz of Awes]
  • How about some general NBA storylines? [SI]
  • If each Wizard was a superhero, which would they be? Pretty sure this ranks as the single most important question we've ever raised here on BF.
  • As Craig Stouffer notes, the Wiz will have no shortage of options at the forward positions. Now, how quality those options are is another issue. [Washington Examiner]
  • Vesely isn't so keen on the 'American cinema system' of buying a ticket and sitting wherever you want (who does that??), but he does prefer D.C.'s European style to the hustle-and-bustle of NYC. [Truth About It]
  • Hey look, BNIE thinks the Wizards will actually be better than the Pistons! Ok, so that makes one team. Will there be any others?
  • Everyone in the universe had an opinion on Monday Night Football's touchception call, including current and ex-Wizards.
  • Unfortunately, the video has been removed, but it sounds like JaVale McGee is now taking his Segway to work, which I think we'd all agree is totally a JaVale McGeeish-thing to do. Gosh, sometimes I really do miss having this guy around... [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Finally, Anthony Tolliver has ended out anguish by signing a one-year deal with the Hawks. What a tease. [Hoopsworld]
  • Dwyane Wade was in D.C. Saturday afternoon promoting his new book about fatherhood, which was evidently cause for some WJLA anchor to slip in a "overrated" remark directed at the two-time NBA champion. Yeesh. [Deadspin | Ball Don't Lie]
  • After breaking his hand in the offseason, Kyrie Irving is ready to go for training camp. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • The 76ers are very excited about Andrew Bynum. Go figure. [Philly Daily News | Ball Don't Lie]
  • Seattle has approved a new arena deal, a huge step in the city's efforts to attract an NBA franchise. [AP | Seattle Times| Ball Don't Lie]
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