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Open thread: New design feedback

Let's talk about the new site design.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Alright folks, the new site is here. I, for one, am really excited about this for all the reasons that we have discussed over the past month. I think the site looks really sweet, and in time, once we adjust, I think it'll be much easier for users to be able to navigate to the important content rather than having each new post bump down the one before it.

Of course, I also realize that this is a lot of change for everyone. An adjustment period is understandable, both on your end and ours. In the past, the stories were organized in reverse chronological order like a blog. Going forward, this may not always be the case, because we may want to keep certain things pinned to the top of the page. We also have a number of different layout options at our disposal that we will use at our editorial discretion. We can pull in content from around the network that is relevant to this team. Finally, we can now pin a section to the site, much like this one, this one or this brand-new one that we will be using for random Wizards goofiness and miscellany.

But just as you folks are new with this, so to are us editors. And so, I wanted to use this space to solicit this feedback on how to lay out the page in a presentable way for everyone, so the best content is there. I also want to use this space for you guys to submit any bugs that you discover with your experience, as well as any new features that you might want to see in the future to improve the site. Our product team is lurking in the comments and may be able to implement your suggestions.

At the end of the day, we have the same goals as you do. Over time, one we iron out all the adjustments needed, we strongly believe that this platform will be a better experience for everyone involved. The core missions of the site -- quality coverage, fan perspective, community, our commenting system, etc -- will not change. I will pledge that.