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Wizards thoughts on Redskins vs. Bengals

Because basketball players can be football analysts too.

Via @John_Wall's Instagram

Training camp is right around the corner, so all those fun off-season activities are starting to wind down. Before everyone converges on Fairfax for training camp next week, some of the Wizards checked out Sunday's Redskins-Bengals game.

As you can see, John Wall was enjoying the game on the field with Wale, enjoying getting to be on the field and all of that fun stuff. From the looks of things, Jordan Crawford wanted to be on the field as well, but it wasn't so he could get a field pass:

Not really sure how many NFL players Jordan Crawford would be able to slow down at 6'4", 195 pounds, but the effort is appreciated. For a guy who gets criticized for being selfish, he sure is willing to sacrifice his body to get the job done, even when it's for a guy who doesn't play the same sport.

You'd think Trevor Booker might do a better job protecting Robert Griffin, but he seems to be content staying on the sidelines and offering up his two cents on the game.