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Links: SI writers predict Washington Wizards will not be NBA's worst team next season

Sports Illustrated suggests the Wizards will not be the worst team in the NBA next year. Progress! That and more links.

Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Lazy Sunday links:

  • SI's NBA writers make their predictions for next season, and the best that can be said for the Wizards is that they don't think D.C.'s team will be basketball's worst.
  • For those who actually think that averaging 16 points and eight assists over your first two years in the NBA counts as a disappointment (but somehow 19 and five makes you a future HOF), John Calipari thinks John Wall's perceived struggles have had more to do with the team he was drafted into than his own shortcomings as a player. [Us | ESPN980]
  • Speaking of Wall, he will be exercising alongside Simon Elementary School students Thursday morning. []
  • Ted is excited to once again be holding Wizards training camp at George Mason University, but not enough to make him want to say much of substance on media day.
  • #Wizards Rank continues over at Truth About It, and Jan Vesely, Darius Songaila, Jordan Crawford and Othyus Jeffers come in at Nos. 18 through 21, respectively. I see Vesely ranking much higher on this list five years from now. Not so sure about Crawford. [Vesely | Songaila | Crawford | Jeffers]
  • BNIE thinks the Bucks play a "close second" to the 76ers for which team will be the Wizards' chief rival in the next five years.
  • A.J. Price is in town. []
  • If smiles had a Hall of Fame, Antonio Daniels would make it on the first ballot. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • What's this, Isiah Thomas doing something awesome? [SB Nation]
  • The new iPhone 5 can do a lot, but as Iman Shumpert found out, it's not about to replace the NBA's regulation Spalding anytime soon. [SB Nation]
  • Ziller put a lot of thought into this postmodern list of Darko Milicic's talents. [SB Nation]