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Links: Mike Miller Expects To Play, Continue Haunting Wizards Fans Next Season


Again, not much Wizards news to speak of, but here's some material from around the association for Case o' the Mondays links:

  • Mike Miller says his ailing back is feeling good and that he expects to be able to to play for the Heat next season. Wizards fans can't wait. [Miami Herald]
  • Not sure what to make of this bit of insanity, as inspired by John Wall's instagram, but it certainly made me feel introspective. [Truth About It]
  • #WizardsRank continues with No. 31 Al Thornton and continues through No. 27. [Truth About It]
  • Remember Hasheem Thabeet? Barely? Well, he's trying to earn a job backing up Kendrick Perkins, partly because Perkins will evidently eat anyone who threatens to take his starting spot. [SB Nation | The Oklahoman]
  • Jeremy Lin is pretty rich now, but he's still looking to crash on teammates' couches. [USA Today | Ball Don't Lie]
  • Understandably, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were instrumental in the Clippers' signing of Matt Barnes. [SB Nation | LA Times]