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Links: Andray Blatche Has 'Other Business' To Attend To Before Signing With Nets

Just takin' my time.
Just takin' my time.

Case o' the Mondays links:

  • Andray Blatche's agent says his client has some "other business" to take care of before he can officially sign with the Nets. Of course he does. [NY Post]
  • A recent WaPo story asked the question of whether the Nationals, currently owners of the best record in baseball, could challenge the Redskins as D.C's favorite pro sports team. Hours after Robert Griffin III authored one of the best rookie quarterback debuts in NFL history, Amin asks what the Wizards would need to do to become part of the same conversation.
  • How inane are ESPN the Magazine's "Ultimate Standings?" Its Wizards entry refers to Ernie Grunfeld as a "trigger-happy GM" who has "perfected" the revolving door. How many Wizards fans wish that, when it comes to under-performing knuckleheads, Ernie's trigger was a bit quicker and that his door revolved a little faster?
  • One Cavaliers blogger expects the Wiz to challenge the Hawks, Cavs, and Bucks for a playoff spot in 2013, but sees them coming up short. [Right Down Euclid]
  • Meanwhile, a Celtics blogger expects the Wizards to be the Southeast Division's "biggest surprise" next season, but still finish with a losing record. [Hardwood Houdini]
  • Dominic McGuire has agreed to a deal with the Raptors. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • After stating during last season that he intended to retire, Ben Wallace has reportedly changed his mind and is looking for a new deal. [SB Nation | Boston Globe]
  • Ricky Rubio is aiming for a December return to the NBA hardwood. [Sporting News]
  • Tom Ziller takes a look at just what makes the NBA's worst owners so bad. Don't worry Ted, you didn't make the list... [SB Nation]