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Links: Washington Wizards Roster Appears Set, But Is It Playoff Worthy?

Hey guys, how's the bench?
Hey guys, how's the bench?

Saturday links:

  • Wizards assistant GM Tommy Sheppard gets consideration from Ken Berger as one of the NBA's hardest workers. [CBS Sports]
  • Assorted Wizards nuggets, including video of A.J. Price dominating a pro-am game. [Truth About It]
  • The godfather of the Princeton offense thinks it'll work for the Lakers and his protege, former Wizards coach Eddie Jordan, who's now an assistant in L.A. [SI]
  • And Tom Ziller's top 10 members of the 2013 free agent class are *drumroll*... [SB Nation]
  • SB Nation recently entertained the idea of a 3-on-3 Olympic basketball tournament, but what about a 1-on-1 NBA tourney? [Ball Don't Lie]