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(Late) Links: Wizards Cautiously Optimistic About Nene's Foot Injury

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Swamped with non-writing stuff today and all month at SBN, so these are late. Apologies. Let's dive in.

  • Nene sat out yesterday's Brazil-Spain game with the same foot injury he's battled for a while, but according to Michael Lee, the Wizards don't expect the injury to linger for training camp. I'm more worried than the Wizards appear to be, but it is worth noting that Brazil was probably more willing to rest Nene because a win would have put them on Team USA's side of the bracket for the elimination round. That didn't work, of course, but it explains his absence a bit more. He should play against Argentina in the elimination round on Wednesday. [Wizards Insider]
  • Meanwhile, Kevin Seraphin and France will play Spain, while Team USA gets Australia. Here's everything you need to know about Wednesday's quarterfinal round. [SB Nation]
  • The Wizards don't appear too eager to give anyone more than the minimum to join the roster. That includes Anthony Tolliver, Jodie Meeks and others. [Wizards Insider]
  • The flip side: Meeks' agent says he refuses to take the veteran's minimum. [LA Times]
  • Kyle Weidie on the way Nene plays. A good read here. [Truth About It]
  • Also a good read: BNIE's piece today. [Us]
  • James Harden stumbles a bit, but says he's 100 percent sure he's sticking with the Thunder. We'll see about that. [Sports Illustrated]
  • This is old, but I don't think Sean Sweeney's long feature story on John Wall was ever posted. Here it is. Well-written. [Dime]
  • A nice profile of Russia coach David Blatt, who really deserves an NBA opportunity. []
  • A photo of Amar'e Stoudemire and JaVale McGee working out with Hakeem Olajuwon. [Lockerz]
  • I can't imagine doing this for two hours. [YouTube]
  • Remember NBA Live? Me neither, but apparently it's coming back after a three-year hiatus. Somehow, I don't think the 2K series is too concerned. [GameNGuide]