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Olympics 2012: France-Nigeria, Brazil-Spain And USA-Argentina Open Thread

Off to another late start today, apologies. France and Kevin Seraphin are playing against Nigeria now, Nene and Brazil take on Spain at 3:30 p.m. in a game where both teams have incentive to tank, and Team USA plays Argentina at 5:15. For a look at what's at stake in these games, click here.

The Brazil-Spain and Team USA-Argentina games are on NBC Sports Network. The France-Nigeria game is live streaming only.

Right now, it looks like two quarterfinals are set. Australia's thrilling upset over Russia doesn't change anything, unless the U.S. loses badly to Argentina. Australia will stay in fourth place in Group B and get Team USA in the quarterfinals. Russia, meanwhile, remains atop Group B, and they'll therefore face Lithuania, who rallied to avoid an upset loss against Tunisia.

It's the other two quarterfinal games that still remain up in the air. We know that Argentina, France, Brazil and Spain are involved, but we're not sure yet who faces whom. All four teams would like to be involved in the Group B No. 2 vs. Group A No. 3 matchup at the bottom of the bracket, because they could avoid Team USA until the final.