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Links: Things developing slowly for Andray Blatche on free agent market

Hey man, think you could talk the Lakers into giving me a shot?
Hey man, think you could talk the Lakers into giving me a shot?

Saturday links:

  • Depending on who you listening to, Andray Blatche has either yet to draw much interest on the free agent market, or several teams are interested, but not ready to make a serious offer. Either way, things seem to be moving slowly for Seven Day Dray. He has no reason to rush into anything though; it's only a matter of time before teams look to take a low-risk flier on the talented-but-troubled forward. [CBS Sports | ESPN New York | RotoWorld]
  • Kelly Dwyer doesn't think the Wizards' 2013 playoff aspirations are all that unrealistic. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Particularly given the poor offseasons some playoff teams have had. [The Point Forward]
  • BNIE's argument for why the Wizards should have done more to re-sign James Singleton.
  • John Wall, classy. [@John_Wall]
  • Midway through the second quarter, Team USA looks like it could be about to pull away from Lithuania, but the game has been pretty close thus far. Keep up with all of the Olympic men's basketball action at SB Nation's StoryStream.
  • What's this? Dream Teamers giving Team USA props? [ESPN]
  • Tom Ziller writes that greed is the only think motivating the NBA's push for a an under-23 Olympic squad. [SB Nation]
  • Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and James Harden took to the sand against Misty May-Treanor and Kerry Walsh Jennings. Amusing. [NBC Olympics]
  • Manu Ginobli's basketball footprint is far larger than most fans probably realize. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • There were a lot of crazy stats in Team USA's historic obliteration of Nigeria, but do those stats stack up against one another? [SB Nation]
  • The Magic would like to model themselves after the Spurs. Seems like a decent plan. [Ball Don't Lie]