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Links: ESPN Ranks Washington Wizards Jerseys As Sixth-Best In NBA

These are some pretty sweet duds.
These are some pretty sweet duds.

Sunday, lazy Sunday links:

  • ESPN is currently counting down the best uniforms/jerseys in pro sports, and they think highly of the Wizards' duds. If only the team's play was as sweet as their jerseys. [ESPN]
  • Mike Payne over at Detroit Bad Boys, SB Nation's Pistons blog, reviews the Wizards' offseason and finds himself surprising bullish on the team's prospect in 2012-2013.
  • Ken Berger thinks the Wizards (along with some of the NBA's more putrid teams from last season) will be better in 2012-2013 as part of a "transitional step to a more balanced playing field." [CBS Sports]
  • Kevin Hine is just happy the Wiz won't be a laughingstock anymore. [Wiz of Awes]
  • Kyle Weidie gives his take on the Martell Webster signing. [Truth About It]
  • How does Shelvin Mack think his offseason is going? []
  • While promoting his new movie, "Thunderstruck," in D.C., Kevin Durant told Michael Lee that he's tired of people saying that his time will come in a few years. [Washington Post]
  • Frank Hanrahan warns us to not take the Pacers lightly. I don't think there's any danger of that happening. [CSN Washington]
  • Tom Ziller weighs in on the surplus of cities vying for an NBA franchise and warns that there could soon be talks of expanding the league as a result. I don't get it, didn't NBA owners just get done arguing that they are having trouble staying afloat? [SB Nation]
  • Chris Bosh thinks the Lakers have the best team "on paper" in the NBA following the Dwight Howard trade. [South Florida Sun-Sentinel]
  • This is a pretty cool statistical comparison of LeBron James and Michael Jordan through age 27. [ESPN]
  • Pau Gasol recently visited Chad. As Bill Hanstock noticed, that can be interpreted in two ways. [Yahoo! Sports | SB Nation]
  • Blake Griffin says he is fully-recovered from offseason knee surgery. [Sporting News]
  • If you watch a lot of ESPN, chances are you hate ESPN. But occasionally they do awesome things, like compare Kobe Bryant to an actual Black Mamba. [SB Nation]