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Links: Vegas Gives Washington Wizards 1/100 Odds Of Winning 2013 NBA Title

Hey Chris, did you hear? You got way better odds betting on us than playing the lottery...
Hey Chris, did you hear? You got way better odds betting on us than playing the lottery...

Case o' the Mondays links:

  • Vegas has set the Wizards' championship odds at 100/1, lumping them in with fourteen other franchises with the least likelihood of hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy at season's end. In the words of Lloyd Christmas, so you're telling me there's a chance...
  • Mike makes his argument for keeping the competition open between Bradley Beal and Jordan Crawford at shooting guard.
  • Here's some reaction to Andray Blatche's recent interview with his hometown paper. [Us | Washington Post | CBS Sports | Project Spurs]
  • The Rockets could use a backup center, and Blatche is already in Houston working out with John Lucas II. Brandon Scott wonders if the ex-Wizard should just stick around for the regular season. [SB Nation Houston]
  • Morris Almond has signed with Serbian club Red Star, whose chief rival in the Adriatic League is Partizan Belgrade, Jan Vesely's former team. Not sure what affect this might have on Almond's future plans with U.S. Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones. [Sportando]
  • Turns out the best thing Popeye Jones ever did for his family was leave it behind in Colorado after being traded to the Wizards in 2000. That could use a little context, so go ahead and check out this cool story on Jones and his son, one the top prospects in the 2013 NHL Draft. [CSN Washington]
  • You know how most adults, when they play a game with young children, let them win occasionally so as to not completely crush the child's spirit for all eternity? Well, Kobe Bryant is not most adults. He may not have exactly been playing against kids when he dropped a self-reported 68 points in 15 minutes during a charity game in China this past weekend, but c'mon, he basically was. And he (brilliantly) delighted in going all Monstars on them. Actually, this game appears to have been even more cartoonish than Space Jam. [Eye on Basketball]
  • LeBron James would like to play in the 2016 Rio Games. Yeah right, old man. [ESPN]