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Links: Team USA brings home the gold with rugged 107-100 victory over Spain

Chris Paul looks so short...
Chris Paul looks so short...

It's all Team USA this Monday morning, as there appears to be slim news elsewhere in NBA Land, and by slim I mean none. AMERICA!! Links:

  • Team USA brought home the gold with a hard-nosed 107-100 victory over Spain on the final day of the 2012 London Summer Olympics. In a contest somewhat marred by quick whistles and foul trouble for key players, Spain played by far its best game of the tournament and Team USA didn't show quite the same marksmanship from three-point range as it had in the run-up to the gold medal game, but Kevin Durant poured in 30 points on 8-of-18 shooting to keep the Americans up for the most of the game and set the stage for LeBron James (19 points) and Chris Paul (11 points) to make crucial plays down the stretch and seal the win. [SB Nation | Washington Post | SI | Yahoo Sports! | ESPN]
  • LeBron James is just so freaking happy!! [SB Nation]
  • And he should be; he's kind of on top of the basketball world right now. [Yahoo! Sports | SI]
  • Plus, LeBron remembers the last time Team USA walked away without the gold. [ESPN]
  • While the stars of many international powers will be in their mid-to-upper-30s when the 2016 Summer Games roll along, Team USA figures to send a new crop of young, uber-talented stars to Rio. [SI]
  • Tony Parker and his French teammates celebrated their sixth-place finish by dropping $20,000 in a swanky London club and leaving Boris Diaw to foot the bill. And really, they could have spent a lot more. No mention of whether Kevin Seraphin was present for the festivities, but does this guy look like one to skip out on a party? [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Rick Snider revisits the debate of whether Durant can yet be called the best basketball player ever from the D.C. area, though I'm not sure how seriously you can take any discussion of the area's best hoopsters which doesn't even make a cursory mention of Len Bias. [Washington Examiner]