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Links: Team USA takes on Spain for the gold medal in 2012 London Summer Olympics

Yeah, it's all smiles now.
Yeah, it's all smiles now.

Sunday links are usually pretty lazy, but it's gonna be even shorter today because there's not much Wizards news and WHY ARE YOU READING THIS AND NOT WATCHING AMERICA!!!:

  • The gold medal game between Team USA and Spain tipped off minutes ago, so if you're stuck reading this at a computer with no television nearby, here's how you can watch NBC's live online stream.
  • Tom Ziller writes that today's gold medal matchup was one four years on the making. [SB Nation]
  • A gold medal would be the perfect capper to Mike Krzyzewski's 61-1 run with Team USA. [ESPN | TrueHoop]
  • Led all the way by T-Wolves guard Alexey Shved, Russia edged out Argentina 81-77 to claim the bronze medal earlier today. [SB Nation]
  • Here comes BNIE to remind Wizards fans that the time will soon be here for the team to leverage its assets and make a franchise-altering move.
  • Acquiring Dwight Howard definitely made the Lakers title contenders, but L.A. still have some questions that need answering in order to make sure all its new parts can play together. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Knicks owner James Dolan is looking for a personal assistant with qualities pretty foreign to MSG in recent years. [Deadspin]