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Links: Magic trade Dwight Howard to Lakers, Andrew Bynum headed to 76ers

Ah, memories.
Ah, memories.

TGIF links:

  • First things first: The Dwightmare is finally over!! In a blockbuster four-team trade, the Magic have agreed to send Dwight Howard to L.A. in exchange for a handful of players (no stars) and draft picks while the Lakers will send Andrew Bynum to the 76ers. [SB Nation | SI | Yahoo! Sports | ESPN | CSN Philly]
  • We've known this was coming for a couple weeks now, but the Wizards made the hiring of assistant coach Jerry Sichting official yesterday, bringing the total number of assistants on Randy Wittman's staff to seven. [Us | SB Nation DC | CSN Washington | Press release]
  • Jordan breaks down how the Wizards were able to use John Wall's athleticism to exploit overly-aggressive defenses for some easy alley oops last year.
  • What is Emeka Okafor's true value to the Wizards? [Us]
  • Various Wizards nuggets. [Truth About It]
  • So with Howard, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, are the Lakers suddenly the NBA's team to beat? [SB Nation | ESPN Los Angeles]
  • The Lakers must figure that it worked out pretty good for them the last time they poached a franchise center from the Magic. [SI]
  • This guy doesn't sound impressed with what the Magic got for Howard. [NBC Sports]
  • The image of this L.A. Times headline/photo belongs next to the dictionary definition for "passive-aggressive." [SB Nation]
  • Team USA takes on its arch-nemesis Argentina today at 4 p.m. with a shot at Olympic gold on the line. [SB Nation| SI]
  • How will Manu Ginobli & Co. look to score on Team USA? [The Point Forward]
  • Steve Perrin addresses the Olympic-sized elephant in the room: What if Team USA suddenly goes cold from three-point land? [SB Nation]
  • Who amongst you would like to relive the 1972 disaster of a gold medal game between the U.S. and Russia in excruciating detail? For the masochistic among you, Marc Stein's got the deets. [ESPN]
  • David Stern and the NBA owners are still pushing for an age limit on Olympic men's basketball players, but it doesn't look like it will have to wait for the 2020 Summer Games at the earliest. [SI | CSN Washington]
  • It's never too early to start talking NBA draft. Chad Ford's got some early skinny on top prospects for the 2013 draft class. [ESPN]
  • Have you ever found yourself wondering, gosh, I wonder what Vlade Divac is up to these days? Yes you have, admit it. [SI]