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Links: Bradley Beal signs rookie contract with Washington Wizards


Sure, it's a formality, but Bradley Beal signing his contract does sort of make it feel more 'official,' doesn't it? Links:

  • Beal will make $4.13 million next season, 120 percent of the $3.4 million the No. 3 pick was slotted to make. [Wizards Insider]
  • Mike takes a stab at ranking the Wizards' eight players on rookie contracts according to the tiered system many teams use to rank draft prospects.
  • Is this upcoming season the last chance for the Wizards to show tangible progress before the 'Reset' button must be pressed yet again? [Truth About It]
  • Sounds like Kirk Hinrich is set to return to the Bulls and again serve as an injury fill-in and eventual backup to Derrick Rose, which will likely put C.J. Watson on the open market and could eliminate another team from the pack hunting Courtney Lee. [CSN Washington]
  • But at the same time, it seems the Celtics have joined the pursuit of Lee. [ESPN Boston]
  • Jason Reid writes that NBA owners are still shooting themselves in the foot by handing out superstar-contracts to ho-hum players. [Washington Post]
  • Are the Nets and Magic getting closer to a deal involving Dwight Howard? [SB Nation | CBS Sports | ESPN | Yahoo! Sports]
  • Sam Amick sat down for a Q&A with Deron Williams, who isn't hung up on the Nets' pursuit of Howard. [SI]
  • The Hornets have agreed to send Gustavo Ayon to the Magic in exchange for Ryan Anderson. Could this be an attempt to appease Eric Gordon, who's been critical of the Hornets' attempts to clear cap space by trading productive veterans? [Yahoo! Sports | ESPN]
  • Chris Paul won't rule out playing for the Knicks after his current contract runs out next summer. Let the mayhem ensue. [NY Daily News]
  • How do the Heat have the money to pursue all these free agents? HOW?!?!? [Miami Herald]
  • Fresh off of leading the Heat to an NBA title, LeBron James is looking to lead Team USA to the gold in London. [SI]
  • A breakdown of five issues facing Team USA. [CBS Sports]
  • There were people upset about Blake Griffin being added to Team USA? For those insane few of you, let Ziller talk you back from the ledge. [SB Nation]