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Bradley Beal Officially Signs Rookie Contract, According To Report

The Wizards and Bradley Beal have officially worked out the terms of his rookie contract, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post. This was a mere formality, but it allows Beal to officially play in Summer League, something that not all rookies are willing to do if their rookie contract isn't actually signed.

Beal was slotted to make $3.4 million next season, but the league allows you to make anywhere from 80 to 120 percent of the slotted amount. Beal, like most rookies do, will earn 120 percent of $3.4 million. That will end up being just under $4.1 million.

The more interesting anecdote is that, according to Lee, the Wizards will likely bring Beal along "slowly," with Jordan Crawford remaining in the starting lineup. All this really means, to me, is that they're going to make Beal earn the starting job. If he does that as expected, it's not really an issue.