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Links: Former Washington Wizard Nick Young Signs with Philadelphia 76ers

This will be just as pretty in Philly.
This will be just as pretty in Philly.

Figures Nick Young would sign with the team that puts him as close as possible to D.C. without actually being in D.C. Just figures. Today's links:

  • Old friend Nick Young is headed to Philly on a one-year, $6 million contract. I'm not sure how a player like Young is a fit with Doug Collins. Perhaps Collins can reign in Young, who maybe (hopefully, for his sake) is beginning to realize there is a reason there isn't a high demand for his services and teams are only willing to offer him one-year deal. Also, Lou Williams isn't a better player than Young, but as a Wizards fan I'm happy to see Williams go and okay with Young essentially taking his place on the Sixers. [Us | Wizards Insider | CSN Washington]
  • The Wizards have announced the roster for their summer league minicamp, and it only features four players who figure to be on the regular season roster. [Us | Wizards Insider | Press release]
  • Bradley Beal and Middle Tennessee State forward LaRon Dendy are the only true rookies on the minicamp roster, as the remaining 12 players have all played somewhere professionally. Not sure if that means anything, but it seems atypical for a summer league squad. [CSN Washington]
  • Kyle Weidie has more info four of the newer additions to the minicamp roster. [Truth About It]
  • This summer league has been a long time coming for the Wizards 2011 draft class, which was robbed of the valuable experience last year due to the NBA lockout. [CSN Washington]
  • Ben Standig still doesn't like the Wizards' chances of landing Courtney Lee. [CSN Washington]
  • Lots of good (dense, but good) insight here on the NBA salary cap, the "Gilbert Arenas Provision," how it could impact the Wizards, and why late first-round picks might be better off sliding into the second round. [Truth About It]
  • To make room for Young, sounds like the 76ers plan to amnesty Elton Brand. [Yahoo! Sports | SI]
  • And the rich get richer. Ray Allen has signed with the Heat, because if there was one thing Miami needs, it's a third future Hall of Famer who just so happens to be exactly what it needs: An elite shooter to spread the floor for LeBron and D-Wade. [ESPN | SI]
  • Since he'll make $13.7 million to not play for the Hornets next season, Rashard Lewis is none too worried about salary when it comes to choosing his next team, which means he's free to sign with the Heat, because if there's one thing Miami needs, it's more over-the-hill, 3-point shooting former Wizards who did nothing in D.C. but will no doubt go on to have historic NBA Finals performances while barely being able to stand upright. Not that I'm bitter or anything. [Miami Herald]
  • Evidently one reason Allen wanted out of Boston was because he couldn't put up with Rajon Rondo no mo'. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Jason Kidd elected to leave Dallas when the Mavericks couldn't convince Deron Williams to come take his starting spot. [Dallas Morning News]
  • Daryl Morey: Comic genius? [SB Nation]
  • Team USA held its first practice yesterday with three open roster spots and six players looking to fill them. With the final roster set to be announced later today, they better make some decisions quick. [SI]
  • Standig predicts the Team USA roster. [CSN Washington]
  • The NBA lockout may have ended up saving the owners money, but top-tier free agents are still getting paid ridiculous amounts of cash. [SB Nation]
  • If the Nets were to eventually land Dwight Howard, it could cost team owner Mikhail Prokhorov more than $100 million in luxury tax payments. Gak! [NY Daily News]
  • We"re getting to the point where "Kris Humphries" can officially be used as the punchline to any joke. [NY Post]