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Washington Wizards Pre-Summer League Minicamp Roster Announced

As is their custom, the Washington Wizards will be holding a week-long minicamp of sorts next week for those that could make up their Summer League roster before they depart for Las Vegas. Just because a player is on this list doesn't mean that they will play in Las Vegas. Some switch teams. Some decline to go. Etc. But for the most part, you'll see many of these names on TV and in person next week.

The list is headlined by first-round pick Bradley Beal and second-year players Chris Singleton, Jan Vesely and Shelvin Mack. Tomas Satoransky is also on this list, though it's unclear if he joins the team in Las Vegas.

Here's the full roster, via a team press release:

  • Bradley Beal
  • Chris Singleton
  • Shelvin Mack
  • Jan Vesely
  • Tomas Satoransky
  • F Jeff Brooks (attended Penn State, played in Italy last year)
  • G Earl Calloway (attended Indiana, played in Spain last year)
  • C LaRon Dendy (attended Middle Tennessee State, undrafted rookie)
  • G Steven Gray (attended Gonzaga, played in Latvia last year)
  • G Ravern Johnson (attended Mississippi State, played in Greece last year)
  • C Shavlik Randolph (attended Duke, played in Puerto Rico last year)
  • F Mike Scott (attended Kent State, played in Serbia last year)
  • C Garrett Siler (attended Augustus State, last played in the NBA for the Suns, also was in the D-League)
  • C Kim Tillie (attended Utah, played in France last year)