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Nick Young Is Off To The 76ers On A 1-Year Deal, According To Reports


Nick Young has found a home, at least for one year. The former Washington Wizards' guard has signed a one-year deal worth about $6 million to play for the Philadelphia 76ers, according to Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Stein. That means Young will be working just up I-95.

If you're like me, your first reaction was amusement that someone like Young would be playing for a coach like Doug Collins on a one-year contract. As we all know, a one-year contract for Young didn't work so well last year. But according to David Aldridge, Collins was one of the men behind this move.

We'll see how that one turns out. Young is one of those guys that sounds great in theory, but doesn't really come together in practice. As discussed in the Courtney Lee analysis the other day, if Young focused more time on shooting from spots where he is efficient, he could be extremely valuable. The problem is he doesn't do that. Maybe Collins' heavy-handed style can convince Young to stick to his strengths, but I'm skeptical given that Young is on another one-year deal.

Last winter, Young rejected a Wizards' offer believed to be for the value of the mid-level exception because he was seeking $9 million a year, according to Michael Lee. A lot has changed since then.

In any event, I do wish Young luck. He's a great guy, and finding oneself can be a tough journey in this league. Hopefully he figures it out.