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Spears: Wizards Considering Courtney Lee


Marc J. Spears is reporting that Houston Rockets shooting guard Courtney Lee is receiving interest from the Washington Wizards.

However, they are apparently hesitant to sign another shooting guard:

We'll have more information as it comes available. Lee is a very good complementary player and would be a great fit next to Wall. He's a great defensive player, particularly on quick point guards, and a good three point shooter and passer who can finish in transition. He's basically the definition of a solid shooting guard, for better or for worse. While he'd be a good fit as a backup to Beal and occasionaly small forward, good-but-not-great role players like him tend to get overpaid in free agency (Dahntay Jones, James Posey, more likely than not eventually Arron Afflalo), but this would be a good use of money as long as the contract is for less than $4 million a year.