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Links: Washington Wizards big men Nene and Kevin Seraphin take court in 2012 London Summer Olympics

Aahhhhh BOX OUT!!
Aahhhhh BOX OUT!!

Enjoy the Games of the Unrated Olympiad, which will feature the Wizards' very own Nene and Kevin Seraphin suiting up for Brazil and France, respectively. Links:

  • Mike breaks down what Wizards fan should expect to see from Nene and Seraphin in the Olympics.
  • Ben Standig offered his thoughts on the Wizards' Olympic duo, as well. [CSN Washington]
  • The guys over at Wizards Extreme answer five Olympic-sized questions regarding Team USA. [WE]
  • John Wall, patriot. [@John_Wall]
  • We all know that Ted Leonsis has said another trip to the draft lottery is unacceptable. Well, the Wizards are now guaranteeing new season ticket holders the option to buy tickets to the 2013 NBA Playoffs, should the Wizards make it to the postseason, of course. On the one hand, this is a pretty standard offer for season-ticket holders. On the other hand, playoffs?!?! [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • This Knicks blogger believes the Wizards "could be a sleeper playoff team this season." [Buckets Over Broadway]
  • David Stern is none too pleased that Dwight Howard's agent is confirming leaks of private Dwightmare talks to the media. [ESPN]
  • Tomzilla has previewed all 12 Olympic men's basketball teams. [SB Nation]
  • Marc Stein ranks the 12 Olympic men's basketball teams, and he's got the good guys at No. 1. [ESPN]
  • Team USA has certainly gotten the star treatment from media in London. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Here's some numbers on Team USA. [ESPN Olympics blog]
  • Nice story here on Ricky Rubio, who is recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL and won't be able to suit up for Spain in the Olympics. But he plans to return with a vengeance during the 2012-2013 NBA season. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Even without Rubio, Spain is considered Team USA's greatest competition for the gold, largely due to their size advantage in the post. [ESPN]
  • The casual basketball fan might not even know who Tyson Chandler is, let alone that he's an Olympian, but Team USA's lone true center will have to come up big (literally and figuratively) if the Americans are to claim the gold. [SI]
  • Coach K is obviously a supreme basketball coach (this coming from a UMD grad), but David Thorpe wonders whether he could succeed in the NBA. [ESPN Insider]
  • Sporting News scribe Sean Deveney tweeted that Kevin Durant wasn't sure if James Harden would become a free agent or not? Oh no he di'int! Twitfight twitfight twitfight!! [SB Nation]
  • Now LeBron is saying Team USA would beat the Dream Team?? Alright, give Magic and MJ a few months to trim off some of their old man weight, and lets see them 2-on-2 against Kobe and LeBron. I'd say call your own fouls, but then LeBron would be checking after every missed shot. ZING! [ESPN]