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Links: Gilbert Arenas Is Selling His Mansion

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Today's links:

  • It's officially the official end of an era: Gilbert Arenas has put his huge Great Falls mansion on the market. [Deadspin | SB Nation | Ball Don't Lie]
  • The Wizards will be inviting Gonzaga wing Steven Gray to training camp, his agent tells Bullets Forever. Gray played on the Wizards' Summer League team. Here's more on Gray. [CSN Washington]
  • Ted Leonsis praises the A.J. Price signing, pointing to his defensive on/off numbers with the Pacers. [Ted's Take]
  • Meanwhile, jkhan15's analysis on Price vs. Shelvin Mack gives Mack the defensive edge. [Us]
  • What does all this say? That "advanced stats" are not a singular term. There are many analytics that tell different things, and depending on what you look at, you can reach different conclusions. I think it's high time for us to stop thinking in terms of "traditional vs. advanced stats" and instead try to evaluate each analytic on its own.
  • Also: at this point, everyone has stepped up their use of statistical analysis, including the Wizards. It's all about how those analytics are applied now.
  • Many people have asked about the training and medical staffs. The team put out an interesting two-minute video going behind the scenes with the athletic trainers during the Summer League. Worth watching. []
  • Cartier Martin talks about his decision to re-sign with the Wizards. According to this, John Wall lobbied for Martin's return. [Wizards Insider]
  • Seven teams have never paid the luxury tax. Can you guess which seven? Hint: we all root for one of those seven teams. [Sham Sports]
  • Some leftovers from Summer League. [Truth About It]
  • A look at Roger Mason and whether the Lakers might want him. [LA Times]
  • Hamed Haddadi, a name I mentioned in this post, is likely heading back to the Grizzlies. [Straight Outta Vancouver]
  • Dwight Howard still wants to be traded from the Magic. In other news, today is Thursday. [Real GM | Yahoo!]
  • A couple recent moves around the league...
  • The Timberwolves signed Andrei Kirilenko to a two-year, $20 million deal.
  • The Hornets, Timberwolves and Suns completed a three-way deal that sent Robin Lopez and Hakim Warrick to New Orleans, Wesley Johnson and a first-round pick to Phoenix and mostly cap room to Minnesota.
  • The Cavaliers acquired potential backup point guard target Jeremy Pargo from the Grizzlies. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]
  • Ronny Turiaf is headed to the Clippers on a one-year deal. [LA Times]
  • The Wizards' schedule, along with everyone else's, will be released at 7 p.m. tonight.
  • It's pretty unlikely the Wizards will play on Christmas Day, but if Tom Ziller had his way, things would be different. [SB Nation]