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Washington Wizards' Roster, Depth Chart and Free Agency Thoughts

With the signing of A.J. Price, the Washington Wizards' roster currently stands at 13 players. All indications are that the Wizards, after using the amnesty clause on Andray Blatche, are not interested in using salary-cap exceptions like the room and mid-level, but there are still some roster spots open. Thirteen is the minimum roster limit, but there are two more spaces open before the maximum of 15 kicks in.

How do they fill them? That discussion comes below the jump.

First, here's the depth chart as it stands.

PG: John Wall/A.J. Price/Shelvin Mack

SG: Bradley Beal/Jordan Crawford

SF: Trevor Ariza/Chris Singleton/Cartier Martin

PF: Nene/Trevor Booker/Jan Vesely

C: Emeka Okafor/Kevin Seraphin

The Wizards are continuing to talk to James Singleton and Roger Mason, and it's entirely possible they end up filling the final two spots on the roster. Mason, however, appears to want more than yet another one-year contract at the minimum, according to Michael Lee.

Mason is also not interested in signing another one-year deal at the league minimum, as he has the past two seasons, according to a source close to Mason. Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Chicago and the Los Angeles Lakers have also expressed interest in Mason.

Singleton's status is less clear at this point, but let's consider the possibility that neither guy returns next year. What more does this roster need?

To me, it looks like one more shooter and one more traditional 5 man are the top needs. If Mason returns at a good rate, that solves the shooter role. If not, I'd recommend finding another one willing to play for the minimum. As for the traditional 5, the Wizards don't need this as badly, because many players, such as Nene and even possibly Vesely, could play the position. But another big body never hurts. If everyone stays healthy, he can be a good practice player. If injuries happen, he can play.

Which free agents within the Wizards' clear price range could fit the bill besides Mason and Singleton? Some ideas from my head.

  • Jodie Meeks: My top choice to look at if an alternative to Mason is needed. He's a career 37-percent three-point shooter and shot 40 percent two years ago when he had more consistent playing time. He's limited, of course, but the 76ers were 65-45 over the past two regular seasons when he started. He's decent as a spot-up shooter, pretty good in transition trailing for threes and very good coming off screens. He may want more than the minimum from somewhere, but I'd look at him.
  • James Anderson: Didn't play much for the Spurs, but he can really shoot the ball. He slumped a bit from downtown this year, but I think it's random noise. The Spurs wanted him to be more than a shooter, but the Wizards wouldn't.
  • Willie Green: Randomly had an unbelievable shooting year last year, which is probably a fluke. Still, he can get his own shot, however inefficient it often is.
  • Michael Redd: Ernie Grunfeld's former second-round steal would probably prefer a contender, but he could be a good pro to have around at the end of the bench, even though he still needs to rediscover his shooting touch.
  • Troy Murphy: All he really does is shoot, but at least that's what this team potentially needs.
  • Hamed Haddadi: Don't laugh -- he's big, sturdy and has a career rebound percentage of 21.1.

Slim pickings, to be sure. That's why it wouldn't surprise me to see the Wizards stick with 14 players on the roster to maintain roster flexibility. If they choose to sign two more guys, they could get back to 14 by early-January by releasing Shelvin Mack, who has a partially-guaranteed contract next year that becomes fully guaranteed 15 days before the official date, which has not been set yet (all per Sham Sports). However, I don't think that Mack is close to being on the chopping block yet, despite his so-so Summer League and the addition of Price.

That's the situation. Are there any free agents that can be nabbed for the minimum that would be worth signing?