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Links: Everything you ever wanted to know about A.J. Price

Don't worry about me. I know I ain't John Wall.
Don't worry about me. I know I ain't John Wall.

Ok, maybe not everything, but because this signing took place when the NBA offseason has slowed to a crawl, the signing of a backup point guard like A.J. Price is all the local media has to talk about. Thus I present an A.J. Price-centric edition o' links:

  • I'll say this for Price, he seems to understand and have no problem with his role on the team. [SB Nation D.C. | Wizards Insider | Truth About It | Washington Times | Washington Examiner | CSN Washington]
  • Mike got some feedback on Price from Tom Lewis over at Indy Cornrows, SB Nation's Pacers blog. [Us]
  • Lewis also wrote on the blog that he thinks the Wizards are getting a "dependable backup in Price." [Indy Cornrows]
  • A review of Shelvin Mack's summer league might indicate why the Wizards felt signing Price was necessary. [CSN Washington]
  • But Kevin Hine writes it's not a given that Price will beat out Mack for the backup job. [Wiz of Awes]
  • Here's a quick Q&A with Price on the team's website. []
  • Is this what NBA jerseys could look like with ads on them? The Wizards jersey is pretty great, even if it is the old, terrible blue-and-gold scheme. [SB Nation]
  • Admit it, you were a little worried about Team USA's fifth and final tune-up against Spain, considered the Americans' greatest challenger for the gold. Well, turns out those concerns were ill-founded, at least for one day, as Team USA dominated the exhibition, winning 100-78. [SB Nation | ESPN | SI]
  • I wonder if the Spaniards thought there were any missed traveling calls against Team USA. If recent history is any indication, they did. [SB Nation]
  • Carmelo Anthony is thriving as the third banana on Team USA. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Mike is excited that, with Team USA, Andre Iguodala will finally get to play play as he always should have. [SB Nation]
  • The Bulls decided to not match the Rockets' veritably insane three-year, $25 million offer sheet for Omer Asik. [SB Nation]
  • But what effect will losing Asik have on the Bulls next season? [The Point Forward]
  • The Bulls offseason has been awful. But brilliant. Or something. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • The Mavericks have re-signed Greenbelt native Delonte West. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Michael Beasley, another local product, says he will be an All-Star next season. He's certainly got the ability, but does he have the requisite dedication? [Ball Don't Lie]
  • A potential three-team deal could open the door for Andrei Kirilenko to join the Timberwolves. [Yahoo! Sports | ESPN]
  • Grantland has hacked LeBron's Gmail account, and it's predictably brilliant. [Grantland]