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Summer's End: Coming To Terms With Tomas Satoransky

Tony Wroten, in Czech.
Tony Wroten, in Czech.

The Wizards choice at #32 was heavily affected by outside factors. Draft Express had Tomas Satoransky pegged at the Wizards second second-round selection, falling several spots when they flipped the pick to the Hornets for the privilege of acquiring Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor in return for Rashard Lewis. Dell Demps apparently couldn't find a better offer (surprise) and turned the cap space from buying out Lewis into four years of Ryan Anderson at a very reasonable rate. Given the Wizards front-office's unstated mission to preserve roster spots, it isn't hard to surmise that the moment they decided to go after Oak and Ariza, they didn't want either second round pick on board for the 2012 season. That may have been free-agency for the Wizards, but in effect, they paid the #46 for the right to swallow a few deals that were all poison pill.

Those machinations left only one reasonable draft-and-stash option on the board once the Bobcats selected Jeff Taylor. General Manager Ernie Grunfeld & Co. passed over Bullets Forever favorites such as Quincy Miller, Jae Crowder, Doron Lamb and Orlando Johnson to select Tomas Satoransky. There was immediate backlash from the fan community and only the nebulous value of preserving a roster spot for an imagined trade scenario seemed any sort of justification. Summer League 2012 has ended. As Mike said in his essential piece ranking the individual play of all attendant 2012 draft picks:

...while it's far too early to accurately judge the trajectory of all these players' careers, it was instructive to see the members of the 2012 rookie class play for the first time. A great Summer League doesn't guarantee greatness, nor does a bad Summer League guarantee disappointment. Nevertheless, we now have a better idea of what these guys can do for their teams once the games start counting.