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Ted Leonsis Will Take Your Questions


Recently, Ted Leonsis announced his intention to close down his Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals e-mail addresses starting on August 1. Since that time, Leonsis gave a wide-ranging interview to Mike Wise of the Washington Post that touched on many of the key decisions he has made in his two years owning the Wizards. The interview answered a lot of questions about the past two years, but like any interview, there were some areas that were worth exploring further.

Now, we have an opportunity to explore these areas.

Leonsis has been gracious enough to grant both us and SB Nation partner Japers' Rink the opportunity to ask him several questions about the state of both franchises. And by "us," I mean the community as a whole. This is your chance to ask Leonsis that question you've always had, but never got answered. Drop suggested questions in the comments, on Twitter or on our Facebook page. I'll be checking the comments out all day, picking out the best ones to send along to Leonsis in an e-mail.

Feel free to suggest any kind of question, but extra weight will be given to questions that fulfill the following criteria.

  1. They are most likely to elicit a longer, more detailed responses.
  2. They don't duplicate the questions asked by Wise.
  3. They are recommended by fellow community members.

This is your chance to have your voices heard and be part of a unique opportunity.

In the interest of full disclosure, Leonsis is, in his own words, a "small angel investor" in SB Nation.