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Links: Washington Wizards amnesty Andray Blatche

You guys gonna miss my fadeaway? Guys?
You guys gonna miss my fadeaway? Guys?

Hallelujah links:

  • Well, it finally happened. Andray Blatche is no longer a member of the Wizards, which decided to exercise the amnesty clause on the seven-year veteran. The team doesn't get much in the way of cap relief, but removes the last remaining member of the team's now-cliched "knucklehead" culture. Blatche will still get the $23 million remaining on his contract, and some team will take a flier on him. Blatche is certainly talented, seems like a nice enough guy and handled yesterday's announcement with grace, acknowledging a split was the best thing for both parties. Here's hoping he lands on his feet somewhere. [Mike's take | Washington Post (story, blog) | Washington Times | Washington Examiner | CSN Washington (Frank Hanrahan, Buck & Phil) | Wiz of Awes | Team press release]
  • Now all the knuckleheads are gone, writes Rick Snider. [Washington Examiner]
  • So where do the Wizards stand now that Blatche is gone? [CSN Washington]
  • Ted Leonsis was a bloggin' fool yesterday, penning entries about Nene, Emeka Okafor, and Team USA, and of course, amnestying Blatche.
  • Kelly Dwyer notes that it is only fitting Blatche was cut loose by the Wizards on a Tuesday. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Perhaps no one will suffer more following Blatche's amnesty than Dan Steinberg, who for seven years has found in Blatche a seemingly bottomless mine of comedy gold. Steinz remembers how "a nice enough young kid became one of D.C.’s most booed athletes of the past decade." [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • This is worth it just for the video at the end. Poor 'Dray. [NBA 24/7 365]
  • For the truly masochistic among us, have you ever asked which was the bigger mistake: drafting Kwame Brown or signing Blatche to an extension? Well, Ivan Carter and Brian Mitchell did. I actually don't think it's much of a contest... [CSN Washington]
  • Could Blatche fit in with the Celtics under the tutelage of his imagined nemesis, Kevin Garnett? [Hardwood Houdini]
  • Oh, and the Wizards played the Grizzlies in Summer League yesterday, getting the win, 82-77, largely thanks to solid defense and a tremendous rebounding advantage. The only bad news is the Wizards' summer league "Big Three" of Bradley Beal, Jan Vesely and Chris Singleton had little to do with the victory. Repeat after me: All hail Shavlik Randolph! [Us | CSN Washington (recap, highlights) | Truth About It | Wiz of Awes | Wizards Extreme]
  • For those who want a little insight on tonight's summer league opponent, check out BNIE's scouting report on both the Grizzlies' and Bucks' squads.
  • Randy Wittman chats about what he's looking from the Summer League team. []
  • Assorted Wizards summer league nuggets. [Truth About It]
  • Second-year players have been the stars thus far in summer league. [SB Nation]
  • Patrick Ewing does not know much about the No. 3 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, but why should he? It's not like he wants to coach in the NBA or something. Oh. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • Nene hardly felt like a member of the "away" team after getting a big ovation during player introductions prior to Brazil's game Monday against Team USA at Verizon Center [Wizards Insider]
  • Forget about Nick Young's skills on the basketball court, his sneaker swag is far more important. [Liberty Ballers]
  • Jeremy Lin is officially headed to the Rockets. That rumbling you hear is the Earth splitting in two. [SB Nation | SI | ESPN New York | Yahoo! Sports]
  • Luckily for us, Andrew Sharp is busy trying to fill in the chasm and talk New Yorkers back off the ledge. [SB Nation]
  • May the punnery commence! []
  • Letting Jeremy Lin go may turn out to be the right decision, but was it made for the right reasons? [SI]
  • Ziller on Lingate, the beginning of the Mikhail Prokhorov Era and Anthony Davis's future with Team USA.
  • The Lakers are still trying to get Dwight Howard. [ESPN Los Angeles | Yahoo! Sports]
  • Scary moment yesterday for Upper Marlboro native Nolan Smith, who suffered a concussion after taking an elbow to the head during the Blazers' summer league game against the Rockets. Nolan collapsed after stumbling off the court and was taken to the hospital and released. [SB Nation | Yahoo! Sports]
  • Remember when Eric Gordon said the Suns were more committed to winning than the Hornets? Well, New Orleans matched Phoenix's offer to Gordon, who is now all on board with the Hornets' plans. Funny how that works. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Josh Smith likes the direction the Hawks are headed, but would like it even more if Dwight Howard joined him in Atlanta. [SI]
  • Grant Hill has signed with the Clippers. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • KISS CAM CONTROVERSY!!!! [D.C. Sports Bog]