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Links: Andray Blatche laces up for a rec league sponsored by party planners


Lots of Wizards-related news to get to today, beginning with the latest chapter in the already-lengthy saga of 7-Day Dray. Links:

  • Seriously, is Andray Blatche aware that the Internet exists? He can't be, or else he wouldn't be playing in a summer rec league sponsored by party planners on a team sponsored by other party planners, a choice that, given Dray's reputation, the Internet will (and has) had a lot of fun with. [SB Nation | WUSA 9 | Ball Don't Lie | The Basketball Jones]
  • Something else the Internet will have fun with: A young fan shouting "good job, good effort" towards the Heat's players as they sulked back to the locker room following their Game 5 loss. [SB Nation | Deadspin | Ball Don't Lie | The Big Lead]
  • For those that didn't get to see Randy Wittman's presser, here it is, plus a short video recap (including some quick reaction from Trevor Booker) and another video of Wittman's reaction after the news conference.
  • Kyle Weidie is among those who thinks the choice to retain Wittman was a smart one, but he also acknowledges that "the pressure is on." [Truth About It]
  • For those that aren't a fan of video, Michael Lee transcribed some quotes from Wittman's press conference. [Wizards Insider]
  • Yesterday Wittman went on the radio and spoke, among other things, about the need to ignore "these knuckleheads out here that get on the blogs and try to do your job." First of all, I'm pretty sure "knuckleheads" is the nicest thing sports bloggers have been called in quite some time, and secondly, what are these dagnabbed "blogs" he's referring too?? [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • Mike Wise questions whether Ted Leonsis is a pragmatic owner, or just a cheap one. [Washington Post]
  • The draft is still a few weeks away, but the early consensus is that the Wizards are debating whether to take Kentucky wing Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Florida guard Bradley Beal with the third overall pick. [Washington Examiner]
  • Here's Chad Ford's latest NBA mock draft. [ESPN Insider]
  • BNIE continues his look at which teams the Wizards could potentially partner with to acquire more draft picks.
  • Michael Huberman writes that the Wizards front office could emulate any of the four teams in the NBA Conference Finals in building the team moving forward. [CSN Washington]
  • In fact, the 2011-2012 Wizards were in some ways a more promising team than the 2009-2010 Thunder, which won 50 games one season after going 23-59. [Truth About It]
  • You guys have selected Andre Drummond as the sixth-best prospect in the 2012 NBA Draft. Can't say I necessarily disagree, but I wouldn't want my team taking him in the top 10 picks.
  • Pretty much all of you believe Kevin Seraphin had an above-average, stellar or 'Snakey' 2011-2012 season.
  • You guys aren't the only ones digging the improvements Seraphin made in his second season. [Wizards Extreme]
  • Chris Singleton gets passing grades on his rookie season from the guys over at Wiz of Awes, but fell short of the honor roll.
  • Frank Hanrahan says Singleton needs to work on his upper body strength and expanding his offensive repertoire this offseason. [CSN Washington]
  • As we kind of alluded to previously, the Celtics beat the Heat last night 94-90 to take Game 5 and a 3-2 series lead back to Boston. All sorts of mayhem ensued as members of the sports media contemplated the ramifications should Miami fall short of the NBA Finals. Recaps: [SB Nation | Washington Post | Daily Dime | SI | AP]
  • One of the primary questions following last night's loss was why Chris Bosh did not play more minutes considering how effective he was in limited action. Bosh's performance was all the more impressive considering he witnessed his masseuse collapse and die at his home Monday morning. [SB Nation, ESPN]
  • Like Kevin Garnett has been saying along, critics should have known better than to discount the Celtics. [ESPN Boston]
  • Rajon Rondo may not have had a great box score last night, but as Steve Perrin writes, the Celtics don't go up 3-2 without Rondo coming up big in big moments of Game 5. [SB Nation]
  • Adrian Wojnarowski writes that it's time for LeBron James to start acting like a superstar. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • After going up 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals, San Antonio has lost three in a row to the young, uber-talented Thunder. Are the Spurs finally showing their age? [Washington Times]
  • Zach Lowe marvels at the Thunder's steady ascension. [The Point Forward]
  • Nice piece here on Kevin Durant as a humble superstar. [Washington Times]
  • I'm pretty sure it's impossible to be a basketball fan and not be stoked for NBA TV's new documentary about The Dream Team, which will premiere June 13. There's also a new trailer for the flick, and it's awesome. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Good stuff here related to "hero ball" and whether it's better for role players to take clutch shots than superstars. [TrueHoop Blog]
  • The Magic are reportedly considering ESPN analyst Tom Penn as their next general manager. [ESPN]
  • Speaking of the Magic, the team is selling a T-shirt featuring a picture of Dwight Howard over the word "LOYALTY" in all-caps. BWAHAHAHAHA!! [Ball Don't Lie]
  • John Hollinger on what Neil Olshey's decision to leave the Clippers for the Blazers means for both franchises. [ESPN Insider]
  • Anybody playing the tambourine is excellent. Dirk Nowitzki playing the tambourine is gold. [Ball Don't Lie]