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Sunday Open Thread

I'm traveling all day today, so I probably won't be by the computer much. Enjoyed the spirited discussion in the last thread, though I caution everyone to please take it easy on the hyperbole and try to see each other's viewpoints a bit more instead of expressing outrage. Remember, we're having a discussion, not trying to win an argument.

Feel free to talk about anything and everything. To spur discussion: for anyone who saw last night's Thunder-Spurs game, how awesome was it to see Russell Westbrook screening over and over to free Kevin Durant? Wouldn't it be awesome to have the kind of positional versatility where your shooting guard (James Harden in this case) could handle the ball while your point guard screens to get an easier shot for someone else? As a basketball fan (and not necessarily speaking with my Wizards cap on here), it was cool to see the Thunder's three great perimeter players getting the best out of each other instead of a ton of one-on-one, hard dashes to the rim.

The community draft board will be updated later today.