The Brad Beal Era

A new day is dawning in Washington. I looked out my window and saw puffy clouds and sunshine. The Chesapeake Bay was glorious. And the Washington Wizards got an exciting young player that should really blossam with the right situation for our long-struggling franchise.

Sure, the Nene trade pissed some people off. And yeah, the Okafor and Ariza acquisitions made some people gag. And Tomas the stashed Czech made some people lose it. The main thing that is causing so much angst is that the Wizards have gone from a blank slate with so much potential and so much room to dream, to a solid, measurable, relatively set squad that now has to prove itself.

And that's scary.

Cap space is nice to have, and draft picks are nice to have. But this team was god awful last year. We learned from other stars, such as LeBron and Bosh and Melo, that they are not going to wait around for a team to get good. We learned from Houston and Brooklyn (so far) that cap space does not bring you Dwight Howard.

It is time to put professionals around John Wall, along with our young promising talents, and see what we can do. Does that mean we HAVE TO make the playoffs next year? Nah, not really. Building a contender is going to take time and patience, we have heard it time and time again.

On this day after the draft, I choose to be positive and dream about the future.

John Wall and Bradley Beal are exciting young players. And when I say young, I mean YOUNG. Give them time to grow and mature! And what better way to support them than with stand up dudes like Nene and Okafor? Let Singleton learn how to be a 3 and D guy! After all, it takes more than one lockout-shortened season for a rookie to settle into his role and get comfortable. How about Seraphin? He gave us real hopes that he could be a good player. Some people hate Crawford, after he was the toast of the town at the end of the 2011 season. Give him a chance to find his way as a sixth man!

My point is, we are about to enter a new season, and we actually have a competent team to put on the court. Stop worrying about cap space, trade exceptions and mythical swaps to get Nick Batum.

Let's enjoy this team. I think we are suffering from severe Losing Franchise Syndrome (LFS), myself included, and we all need to chill.

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