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2012 NBA Draft Predictions: Who Will The Wizards Get?

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We have less than four hours until the 2012 NBA Draft begins, and all appears to be quiet for now. Of course, a really quiet rumor mill usually means that something big is going to happen, and it remains to be seen what that ends up being.

Until then, let's use this space as a pre-draft thread. To get discussion going, give us your prediction on how tonight will go for the Wizards. Who will they pick at No. 3? Who do they pick at No. 32? Will there be a trade? If so, who do the Wizards get? Who will be the last guy in the green room? What phrase will Ernie Grunfeld use in his press conference to describe the pick? Any and all predictions are welcome.

Also, a quick request. Tonight is going to be an emotional night, and as fans, we get emotional. Some of you will be thrilled with the results. Some of you probably won't. Here's what I ask of everyone in the threads.

  1. You only get one chance to vent and shout about the pick if you're upset. That's it. Get it all out in one comment, and while you get a little more latitude with this comment as before, you still have to make sure you aren't saying anything inappropriate given the context.
  2. Responders, give people a chance to vent if they so please for that one comment. You're going to drive yourself crazy responding to all of those, and while we will deal with consistent, unnecessary vitriol, we all must have patience with each other.
  3. Beyond that, please be respectful of each other: It's really simple: don't be that guy who ruins the fun for someone else. Remember that we're all fans and we all share that in common. Respond to arguments by making counter-arguments. Don't respond to arguments by name-calling other posters.

We'll be back later with the draft thread and more.