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NBA Draft 2012: Who Are Your Favorite Sleepers?

Earlier today, Thomas Pruitt wrote out his reasons why Marquette's Jae Crowder is his sleeper in the 2012 NBA Draft. According to Pruitt, the Wizards should consider moving up into the first round to secure Crowder's services.

Take him. Seriously, do whatever you need to. Once the third pick in the draft is done with, Washington's strategy for the night should be focused on picking him up late in the first round if need be.

Now, it's your chance to talk back. Since we're discontinuing the draft board, who do you think is the biggest sleeper in the 2012 NBA Draft? The only guidelines: think of a player who a) was not listed on our draft board, and b) may be available when the Wizards pick at No. 32.

We asked this question on Twitter, and got a number of responses. We'll list those below the jump.