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NBA Draft Rumors: Cavaliers' Trade-Up Possibility With Bobcats Gaining Steam

Today in Cavaliers-Bobcats rumors brings us some actual momentum, at least according to recent reports. Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports that the two teams are talking about a scenario that would allow the Cavaliers to move up two spots to select Bradley Beal, but things still hinge on whether the Cavaliers are willing to surrender the No. 24 pick in this scenario.

However, John Telich, a sports TV reporter in Cleveland, sees things differently.

I'd believe Berger over the local guy, but even Berger suggests these talks are gaining steam. This may mean that the Wizards would have to settle for Harrison Barnes, as Berger notes. Or, it could mean that the Wizards would surrender a player to move up to get Beal. Or ... this could all be a waste of time. I don't know.

Only two more days until we find out for sure.