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Links: The NBA Rumor Mill Keeps Getting More Interesting

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  • First things first: SB Nation's YouTube channel has been putting in work with video scouting reports of all the top prospects. The video shown here is Harrison Barnes, but you can watch the entire playlist here or on the channel's playlist page. (Note: I did help a bit with the player comparisons). [YouTube]
  • CSN Washington also has strong player prospect videos for some of the top prospects. [Harrison Barnes | Bradley Beal | Michael Kidd-Gilchrist | Thomas Robinson]
  • More plugging: here's my long feature on on how finances are dictating so many of the rumors we're hearing right now. [SB Nation]
  • And even more plugging: here's me joining Ben Standig of CSN Washington to talk about the NBA Draft and the Wizards' trade with the Hornets. I jump in around the 50-minute mark.
  • A look at Ernie Grunfeld's draft history. [Wizards Insider]
  • We have a new leader in the "dumbest rumor of the month" sweepstakes. According to Sam Amico, the Wizards may consider trading the No. 3 pick for Pau Gasol, if Andray Blatche is involved. I give this a 0.000001-percent chance of happening. [FOX Sports Ohio]
  • It seems pretty clear that the Wizards are targeting a shooter in the draft. [CSN Washington]
  • Some thoughts on what the Wizards are really saying about their existing players in the trade with the Hornets. [Wiz of Awes]
  • A scout -- or really, a bunch of scouts -- sum up the top draft picks. [Sports Illustrated]
  • I'm not sure I buy that Harrison Barnes will have no expectations in the pros, but they probably won't be as big as they were when he came to North Carolina. [Washington Times]
  • A look at potential second-round prospect Hollis Thompson. Later today, Thomas will reveal his sleeper that he'd like to see the Wizards target in the second round. [CSN Washington]
  • The Rockets traded Chase Budinger for the No. 18 pick, getting them a third selection to use in a trade package for Dwight Howard. [@DraftExpress]
  • The problem? Howard doesn't want to sign with the Rockets long-term. []
  • Brandon Roy is planning a comeback, and many teams are interested. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Surprising news out of Indiana: Larry Bird is stepping down. [Indy Star]
  • I know Perry Jones III is not within the Wizards' range, but the implications of this interview with his trainer shed a new light on measuring athleticism. [Hardwood Paroxysm]
  • Ted Leonsis talks about the impact of the Verizon Center. [Washington Business Journal]