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NBA Draft 2012: Could Wizards Trade Up With Bobcats To Ensure They Get Bradley Beal?


Ever since the Washington Wizards traded for Emeka Okafor or Trevor Ariza, many have speculated that they are targeting Florida guard Bradley Beal with the No. 3 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. Ever since many have speculated that the Wizards are targeting Florida guard Bradley Beal with the No. 3 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been involved with rumors to trade up to the No. 2 pick, presumably to get Beal from the Charlotte Bobcats.

That means we've now reached the logical extension of this line of thinking. According to ESPN's Chad Ford, if the Wizards think the Cavaliers or someone else may leapfrog them to secure Beal, they could be willing to part with the No. 32 pick to move up one spot to get their guy.

With John Wall running the point, that leaves them with one big hole: at the 2. I think this makes Beal a no-brainer for the Wizards, who are lacking a lights-out perimeter shooter. He's a perfect fit for this new roster. And if the Wizards believe they are in danger of losing Beal, don't be surprised if they offer the Bobcats the No. 32 pick to move up one spot.

While the Cavaliers own a higher pick (No. 24) than the Wizards do, Ford reports that they "would prefer to hold onto it."

Remember, this whole premise rests on a ton of assumptions. First, the Bobcats would have to be willing to move down a spot for what appears to be a second-round pick. Then, we have to assume the Cavaliers would be moving up to select Beal instead of someone else. From there, we have to assume they'd be willing to part with what the Bobcats want to make the move up. Then, and only then, will this Wizards' proposed trade involving their second-round pick come into play.

That's why I'm just content with letting this all play out.