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Links: Rumors gaining steam that Cavaliers could leapfrog Washington Wizards for Bradley Beal

I feel so wanted right now.
I feel so wanted right now.

With the NBA season officially over, news figures to slow down quite a bit, though thinks should pick up some as we approach the 2012 NBA Draft on Thursday. Already, rumors abound, one in particular that directly involves the Wizards. Sunday links:

  • There's been a a lot of chatter since the Okafor/Ariza trade that the Cavs, knowing full well the Wizards intend to draft Bradley Beal at No. 3, could swap their No. 4 pick with the Bobcats' No. 2 selection. Since the Cavs have another late first round pick, such a deal is not only realistic, it also makes a lot of sense for both teams (assuming the Cavs really love Beal and the Cats don't seem much difference between T-Rob/MKG/Beal/Barnes). [Charlotte Observer]
  • Here's a great Q&A Mike had with Rohan from At The Hive, SB Nation's Hornets blog, which might make some Wizards fans feel a bit better about the trade.
  • Jason Reid, on the other hand, is pretty bearish on the trade. [Washington Post]
  • Sam Amick ranks his five most underrated draft prospects. [SI]
  • Not that this should surprise anyone, but yeah, the Wizards aren't exactly considered favorites to win it all in 2013. [CSN Washington]
  • Here's another player profile of John Wall, whom everyone seems to agree had a season that was decent but disappointing since he showed little progression from his rookie year. [Wiz of Awes]
  • The Heat threw some kind of party after winning the NBA title. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • As was long expected to be the case, the Nets and Mavs appear to be the two finalists to sign Deron Williams, the prize of this year's free agent class. [SB Nation]
  • James Harden fully expects to be with the Thunder for a long time. [ESPN]
  • Andre Iguodala is once again at the center of myriad trade rumors. [Philly Inquirer]