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NBA Draft Rumors: Could Cavaliers Move Up To No. 2, Take Bradley Beal?

In the eyes of many (to be very clear: not themselves), the Washington Wizards telegraphed their draft intentions with their trade for Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza. The Wizards insist the trade has nothing to do with their plans at the draft, but others seem to believe their clear top choice is Florida guard Bradley Beal.

That's why reports like this one from Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick shouldn't surprise you.

As Charlotte continues to ponder its decision at No. 2, numerous executives expect the Bobcats to be approached by Cleveland (No. 4) about the possibility of swapping picks (if it hasn't happened already) in order for the Cavaliers to land Florida shooting guard Bradley Beal.

It's unclear what the Cavaliers will need to move up to No. 2. It's unclear if the Cavaliers like Beal enough to move up to No. 2. Hell, it's unclear the Cavaliers themselves actually want to move up to No. 2, given that it's other executives that are being quoted. But this is the consequence of making a trade eight days before the draft. There are likely to be plenty of rumors that will leak involving teams looking to trade with the Bobcats to land Beal, because so many believe there's no way the Wizards pick anyone else at No. 3. Meanwhile, the Wizards, whether it's true or not, want to create the impression that it's not Beal or bust. This game is fun, isn't it?

Whether the rumors are true or even recent (most rumors that get out to the press are rumors that died several weeks before) remains to be seen. The smoke is thick.